"28"html> "100"> Kennel Of those that do, Clumber Spaniel fokker

Kamp. First One (NJK'07)


Kamp. Oswald the Second (NJK'07)


Tucklberry Three me


Moki four you


Lift Joris the Fifth


Prinzes Fiona (NJK'08)


Kamp. Seven or Eleven (NJK'08)


Eight of Wands


Cloud Nine


Kamp. The Abraham Lincoln


Charlie Bucket


Queen Elisabeth




Amelia Earhart


Leonora di Vargas


Teddy Rooseveld


Cherish me Endlesly


Hugg me Firmly


Dance with Me


Protect me from Harm


Hold me Close


Keep me Safe


Kiss me Sweat


Love me Always


Take me Home